We make fashion sustainable

There is a way to put fashion first without putting the environment second. There is a way to turn used cotton and viscose into new biodegradable pulp, new fibers, new yarn, new fabrics and new garments that can be produced and worn with a clear conscience. Because we have closed the loop. Recycling clothes finally works.

Our recycling technology transforms high cellulosic waste into pure, natural dissolving pulp, Circulose pulp. It’s an efficient process that reuses chemicals, and it’s up and running in our first plant in Kristinehamn, Sweden – the world’s first industrial scale recycling plant for cellulose-based textiles.

We have closed the loop

This means old jeans, t-shirts and other worn out cotton clothes are transformed into completely new natural materials without any quality loss. Being highly climate friendly, Circulose is destined to transform the fashion industry and stopping it from being one of the most resource intensive in the world.

Our process of recycling cotton fibers and viscose fibers uses less water and chemicals, emits less CO2 and prolongs the usage of the world’s resources. More used cotton garments can be collected and the volume of garments made from our recycled, biodegradable textile fibers can increase. If one kilo of clothing is recycled instead of being produced from virgin sources, it saves thousands of liters of water and decreases emissions of both CO2 and chemicals.